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Why Voice and Body?


The aim of this project is to feel and embody the sound of our own voice. That is why each session intends to get past the illusion that singing and speaking are only about the vocal folds.

Speaking and singing is a complex process requiring more than one hundred fascial, respiratory and oropharyngeal muscles, all responding in the right order over a few milliseconds. The muscles in the whole body are coordinated and timed by the nervous system, brain, cerebellum and basal ganglia. Additionally, mental and emotional issues can cause physical tightness. This tightness is stored in body tissue that impacts the whole body and affects the quality of the voice. This means that your body will always affect your voice. There is so much happening in the body when we speak and sing, so let’s make the human body part of our vocal expressions.



Come and explore the mind-body connection that supports your vocal expression.

When the voice moves through a body that has been opened and relaxed through embodied yoga and specifically designed movements, the sound is more free, flexible and fully connected emotionally.

This technique helps you to increase your energy, release muscle tension and stress, improve concentration and support your creativity. Through practising, we learn to calm and centre ourselves, so that we can deal easily with nervous energy.


The process is applicable to all musicians, singers, actors, storytellers, teachers, yoga practitioners, public speakers, performers and anyone who is interested in authentic vocal expression.

✨ In their words:

"As an actor and a speech and language therapist, I always found of huge importance the connection between voice and movement. Having been diagnosed with asthma recently, this relationship has been challenging. The workshop helped me to reconnect again, allowing me to explore my voice safely and embodied. I completely recommend it."

- Marta Carvalho 

"I always look forward to Michaela’s classes, and always leave feeling thoroughly relaxed and grounded. Michaela knows her stuff, and the combination of yoga with voicework actually makes a LOT of sense. I’ve also found this work helps me emotionally connect to the words of a text or song.

It’s really worth coming to these classes regularly: to physically train your body to unlearn bad habits takes practice, and I’ve found Michaela’s classes and her techniques to be a fantastic way to reconnect with my body and my breath, and to allow that to support my voice. That connection with one’s own voice is so important, and it’s something we should all nurture."

- Keir Fabian

More testimonials can be found here and here


Here is a little insight:
"The throat chakra is our communication centre and as such, relates to how we project ourselves into the world. When off balance, there may be issues of self-expression or shyness. When this chakra is open, negative experiences are transformed into wisdom and learning.
Try Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) to help open and balance the area."
🎨 unknown

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