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Embodied Voice and Yoga Session

Would you like to combine vocal techniques, embodied yoga poses, breathwork, guided meditation, and play to invoke creativity and free the body from habitual tensions to discover more authentic and spontaneous vocal expressions?


“Combining vocal exercises with specific physical movements strengthens the connection among the body, mind, emotions, breathing, body alignment, strength, flexibility, concentration, self-control, self-knowledge, and self-care.” The voice moves the body, and the body moves the voice. So, let's open our voices to creative possibilities through the deep coordination and connection of the body, breath, emotions, and mind.

 All welcome 

Sessions are thoughtfully crafted so that anyone can come in and leave feeling tuned to their voices and/or bodies.

There are many benefits to joining this slower-paced session, but the main advantage is that you can focus on yourself. When you practise embodied voice and yoga in the comfort of your home, the outside distractions disappear, and you focus solely on yourself, your practise, and your time on the mat.

Are you curious about exploring the connection between your voice and body?


28th August

10.30 am - 12 pm (BST)



(no recordings: the results are more powerful when things are live and collaborative)




No cancellations are available. That said, your ticket is transferable to another person.

After the booking, an email containing all essential details is manually sent to the email address you provided within 48 hours of your booking.

For safety reasons, your camera has to be on.

Each session involves various meditations, breathwork, and embodied yoga positions to examine the impact of these explorations on the human voice. The fundamental part of every session is a slower pace sequence of specially designed postures and vocal exercises. This flow is accompanied by unique guidelines that support breathing, sounding, and voice exploration. The primary focus is to remain curious and receptive. Each class is unique and is dedicated to a different theme.

Come and explore your physical and vocal potential.

Embodied voice and yoga sessions serve as a guide for exploring new possibilities. It is an invitation to abandon strict instructions and instead trust the inner power to learn through exploration. This is not a rejection of technique but rather an approach to the learning of technique which does not inhibit vocal expression. This approach supports the entire musical instrument, that is, the human body.

These sessions bring calmness and union to the body, improve the quality of breath, increase concentration, open the mind to creative possibilities, focus on the inner self, build strength, and aid body alignment… considering all this, each session will not only enhance vocal quality but also your well-being.

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Run by Michaela

“Hi! I am Michaela. I have been leading this project for the past nine years. I am passionate about exploring how the body impacts the human voice. I cannot wait to share with you what I have learnt. Please visit my website to discover more about what I do:"​

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