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What happens in a workshop?

Click here and find out what will happen in a session or a workshop.

“First we need to build up awareness toward the breath and around the regions of the jaw, neck, ribs, and abdominal muscles. ... Notice where you hold. Notice and get curious....”

I am not flexible. Can I still do it?

Yes. Absolutely! In fact, To Move with the Voice sessions are perfect for you. Come along as you are.

Why is the word embodied added at the beginning of voice and yoga sessions?

The reason is to stress that truly anyone is welcome (because the word yoga can come with some expectation and the word movement is too broad for our sessions). Another reason is to offer space where we are encouraged to stay present with our experience when connecting the voice, the body, the mind, the self and the world around us. A space that allows us to be curious rather than achieving certain standards or blindly following instructions. I have been leading voice and yoga sessions since 2015 and I always think about a better way to describe what we do in each session.

What is the session's pace?

It is a slow-paced style of session. Slowing down helps us to let go of the need to control, identify areas that need more attention, feel less stress while accomplishing more, become more present and receptive, and create a deeper connection between our voice and body. That said, each session encourages us to move at our own rhythm.


Where am I going?

Online: Zoom (live only, no recordings)

In-person: Workshops are held at the EVOKE studio. The address is Unit A Rowan Apartment, Seven Sisters Road, N4 1FS. How to get there: HERE


What if I am running late?

Online & In-person: Plan to get to your class early. It will give you time to change, settle on your mat, grab your props and relax. Unfortunately, I cannot accommodate clients who arrive 5 minutes after the start of the session because they have possibly missed the warm-ups. Warm-ups prepare the body and the voice for the session. Missing warm-ups increases the risk of injury. Therefore, it is not safe for anyone to jump right into practising. No refunds are made after the start of the session.

What if I made my booking at the last minute?

No worries. An email with all the essential details will reach you shortly. That said, if the booking is done 5 minutes before the beginning of the session, a confirmation email cannot be sent or your payment cannot be refunded because I need to focus on welcoming the group. Therefore, the last booking that is accepted is received 5 minutes before we start and no longer.


Do I need to bring anything with me?

Online: a yoga mat/blanket, a small pillow, a bottle of water & wear comfy clothes

In-person: Yes, bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothes, (a prepared text such as a monologue, poem, song or a few sentences of your choice – not necessary for your first session).

* yoga mats & props are available in the studio / free of charge

** I recommend refraining from eating 2 hours before the workshop and making sure you are hydrated 2 hours before the workshop starts.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your ticket is transferable. Therefore, if you can't come you can send someone in your place because no cancellations are available.

PS: AFTER BOOKING: You will receive an email with all details.

Participation in the To Move with the Voice project is taken at the individual's own risk of injury or loss.

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