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This project offers in-person and online sessions and workshops such as

Voice and Yoga

Yoga for Singing

Yoga for Acting

Yoga for Musicians*

Each session explores various meditations, pranayamas, and embodied yoga positions and the impact of this exploration on the human voice. A key part of every session is a slower pace sequence of specially designed postures. This is accompanied by unique guidelines that support breathing, sounding and vocal exploration. The main focus is on opening up. Opening up the body and the breath. Opening up to others and to the world/life. Each class is devoted to a different theme and stands on its own.


*Regarding musicians: Each instrument has a different impact on the body. Therefore, the session brings strategies to help to put the mind and the body at ease with specialized instructions that address the unique emotional and physical needs of musicians. The session helps to build strength, gain awareness, and flexibility and avoid injuries.

Workshops are centred around research discoveries and underline the connection between the voice and

the Jaw and the Tongue / TMJ

the Pelvic Floor


the Vagus Nerve

the Psoas Major Muscle

the Spine

These workshops are based on my research studies. Some of my research papers can be found here.

The first part of each workshop is dedicated to research findings. The second part is focused on practical exercises such as physical/vocal warm-ups, guided meditation, and specific vocal techniques and poses aimed at a particular part of the body based on the topic of the workshop. Every participant has an opportunity to learn and connect with their voice, restore balance in the body, explore authentic sounds, and release unwanted tensions.

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