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A Workshop Focused on Loosening
JAW and TONGUE Tensions

Do you suffer from jaw or tongue tension (TMJ disorders)?

Are you interested in vocal exploration?

Are you curious about the connection between the voice and the body?

Join us ✨ 

This workshop is based on my research study and will explore the healing impact that specific holistic movements have on articulatory muscles and how this connection can release unwanted and/or habitual jaw and tongue tensions.


We will start with physical and vocal warm-ups which will be accompanied by jaw and tongue exercises, followed up with a few specific yoga poses that, later on, will be accompanied by vocal exercises. The workshop will include warm-ups, gentle stretches, guided meditation, relaxation, self-touch, specific yoga poses and vocal/jaw/tongue exercises. Every participant will have an opportunity to restore balance in the body, allow authentic sound to move through the body, explore the vocal range, learn new breathing exercises and release jaw and tongue tensions.


"Preliminary data from Lloyd et al. (2017) confirms that the vocal yoga program reduced participants’ vocal burden and dysphonia symptoms. Moliterno (2008) adds when ‘the physical instrument is free and balanced, communication is clear, unguarded, and untainted by physical or emotional distractions’ (p.52)."

- taken from my research study called An Examination into the Impact of Yoga and Movement on the Jaw and Tongue during Singing and Speaking

Lloyd, A., Hoffman-Ruddy, B., Silverman, E., Lehman, J. L. (2017), Vocal Yoga: Applying Yoga Principles in Voice Therapy, Journal of Singing, Vol. 73, No.5, pp.511-518.

Moliterno, M. (2008), YogaVoice: Balancing the Physical Instrument, Journal of Singing, Vol. 65, No.1, pp. 45-52.

​A bit of admin😊

The workshop will run on Zoom and therefore, it is encouraged to have your video on for the entire time. If that is not an option for you, please reach out and let’s plan together.


Sunday, 10th December

12 pm - 1.30 pm (GMT)

(with additional 15 mins for Q&A)



(live only, no recordings available)


£28 (till 3rd December)

£35 (after 3rd December)

Repeat participants can join at a discounted rate of £20.60 - just drop me an email.

No cancellations available. That said, your ticket is transferable to another person.

After Booking: You will receive an email with all details and information.

Run by Michaela

“Hi! I am Michaela. I have been leading this project for the past eight years. I am passionate about researching how body/physical movement can impact the human voice. I got very excited about the findings of this research, and I cannot wait to share them with you. Please, visit my website and find out more about what I do:

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